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I had the honor and pleasure of working with Robert when we partnered together to educate the HR Diversity & Inclusion Council and the Employee Resource Groups at Live Nation. We were working to develop a group that would focus on neurodiversity and/or disability in general. During this time, Robert demonstrated his knowledge, passion and commitment to educate employees and the community on the study and practice of neurodiversity in the workplace. His presentation was flawless and allowed my diversity team and other business partners to better engage employees in the D&I conversation. I would recommend that anyone interested in learning more about how to include neurodiversity (which includes but is not limited to autism, ADD/ADHD, and other alternate learning styles) into the workplace to connect and get to know Robert. Robert has proved that he is a reliable and relatable subject matter expert in the diversity arena.

Thelá R. Thatch, MBA, PHR
Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist


Robert recently educated me and the extended Human Resources team at Live Nation Entertainment on Neurodiversity. The content was deeply insightful, well-researched, and was made to be very applicable to our business. Robert's presentation skills were top notch, with one virtual participant even suggesting he may have a career in voice-over acting due to his engaging style. I look forward to seeing Robert's impact as an Autism and Neurodiversity advocate.

Natalie K. Underdown, Ph.D.
Director of Diversity and Engagement, Live Nation Entertainment

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